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Wednesday, July 25th 2012

9:44 AM

Dark collection preteen


Related article: Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 19:18:05 +1100 (EST) From: dwayne pitts Subject: Defending Hogwarts- Chapter 1Hey to eveyone. Im new to the experience of writing gay erotica so please bear wit me. As i said i m new so any suggestions or comments you may have on my story please email them to me at half_desent_guyyahoo.com. They would be very much appreciated. I will be very open to peoples advice and constructive criticism will be heard and considered for later parts. This story contains a few chapters but i will only be posting if i gat responses. If i know people are intrested than i will continue to write.All flames will be ignored. To all those people who send flames to authors I suggest you sit down nude small preteens and have a think about a few things. Ask youreselves the following questions. 1) If youre not gay why the hell are you on this site. 2) If you dont like reading gay stories why the hell do you read them. and 3) If you really have the time to read these stories and then send the flames. Doesnt that tell you something about youre life.Anyway onto the story. The following story is purely fictional i do not know anything about the sexualities of any of the celebrities mentioned in my stories. It is just made up for youre enjoyment. I have the up most respect for these people but heh a preteen lesbians illegal guy can dream cant he.Harry Potter is copyrighted by J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, and Warner Brothers. J.K. Rowling does not express the the following views. As far as preteen lesbians illegal i know she knows nothing about this story. If you are under the legal age to be reading this sort of material please do not. If you do not agree with sex between consenting minors ( and possibly adults. See wat happens.) Please do not read on.Otherwise please enjoy and email me youre comments.CHAPTER ONE- Finding RonHarry sat in Hogwarts library just thinking. The young boy had a lot that he had to think about. But there were two main topics that were controlling his thoughts. The first of them was something that had occured earlier that morning inside the Gryffindor shower room. As Harry and his housemates had been taking their showers Harry had noticed his best friend Ron Weasly looking at him. It had appeared to the twelve year old boy as though Ron had been checking him out. preteen asian toplist When Ron had realised Harry saw him he just turned away and blushed. This peculiar behaviour had made Harry curious. Harry had always liked Ron because while in a lot of ways they were so different he was a great friend and while they had only met a bit over a year ago Harry felt as though he was closer to Ron than he ever had been to anyone else in his life. Ove the last couple of weeks though Harry had begun to have strange feelings towards his friend. Whenever the two were together Harry felt a stir in his crotch and he had to fight hard not to let it become visible.His feeling seriously confused the young boy. He knew all about gay guys but didnt think that he was one taboo preteen incest of them.But then why did he feel this way. What had happend that morning made Harry curious as to whether his friend felt the same. The second thing that had been taking over Harrys mind was he had a severe pain in his head. It went beyond a headache. It seemed to be placed in the area where Harry had his scar. Harry very rarely had such a severe pain in that exact area, but all of the other times that it had occured it had meant there was trouble in the air. Harry had learned what the scar aching meant. But so far it had only involved Draco Malfoy.As Harry thought about the pain it seemed more severe than ever before. Seen as only very few people knew about the meaning behind the scar hurting. Harry decided he had better go and inform someone so that they were on notice. As Harry got up to find Professor Dumbledore, he saw Neville Longbottom running breatlessly into the library. As neville slowed his sluts preteen nudes pace he headed directly for Harry. The small boy had a worried expression on his face. "Harry,Harry you gotta come quick." Harry looked suprised. 'What on earth could be going on he thought'. "Why Neville what is the matter." Neville had already turned towards the library door and was heading for it again. Harry was right behind him as the boy said " Its Ron,...Its Ron..Harry..." Harry became pale worried for his best friend. "What about Ron. What has happend to Ron, Neville. Whats happend to him." Neville stopped when they were outside the library. "Harry hes gone missing No one has the slightest idea as to where he is. He ran off a little while ago and no one has seen him since. Hermione is rounding up a search party and then they are going to begin searching. I said i would find you than we would start looking." Harry was nearly crying his best friend had done a runner and Harry was really scared. As the boys began to move again Harry became curious as to what had caused Ron to leave. "Neville what the hell happend before Ron ran off." Neville and Harry were moving alongat a pretty fast pace as Neville said." I dont understand it all exactly but me Ron and Hermione were in the common room talking amongst ourselves when the twins came in and up to us." Neville took a breath before he continued. " Harry you know about that rumour that has been going around about Ron.?" Harry nodded his head slowly. Harry had forgotten completely about that rumour. Someone had started one saying that Ron was gay. Harry suspected that it had been Draco who had started the rumour. "Well when the twins came in George said somthing to Ron about it. I dont remember what he said. George had only been kidding around but Ron got really upset. We need to find him Harry." Harry suddenly had a fair idea of where abouts Ron might be hiding. About three monthe before the pair had found a secret hiding spot where they went when they wanted to be alone. Harry was suprised at himself for not thinking of it earlier. But Harry knew he had to go there alone he couldnt take Neville. Neville look I think i know where Ron is. But i have to go there alone. Go and find Hermione and the others mya model preteen and tell them i have found him. Ill talk to you later." teen preteen modles Harry was about to hurry away when Neville stopped him." But Harry cant i come to. I mean i can help you talk to Ron." Harry knew that normally Neville would be a great help but hje couldnt give away their spot. "Sorry Neville but its a secret spot and i cant give it away. Ill catch you later." Neville was visibly upset but he gave in. "Okay Harry i understand just telll Ron that George was only joking around and that we want him to come back." Harry smiled at his friend. Then he walked up to Nevilleand gave him a hug. The hug suprised Neville but tight preteens he smiled. "I will dont worry. And Neville thanks." The two boys parted ways. As Harry ran to the Quidditch stadium he hoped Ron was in there spot. When he was through the entrance Harry headed towards the lockerooms. Harry saw that the doors were open just as he had expected.. He headed inside and for his and Rons locker. On the back wall there was a combination of bricks that tight preteens opened huge cock preteen up into a secret passage. If you press the right ones in the right order the wall opened up. Harry grabbed his wand and tapped the sequence as he pressed the last one a loud cracking noise rang out. Once the wall had come away Harry quickly stepped into the dark passage and soon the wall had closed up again. Harry moved slowly towards the end of the tunnel where he expected to find Ron. There was very little light just enough for Harry to see a few feet in front of himself. As he rounded the corner he spotted Ron. The red headed boy had his head between his knees. Harry couldnt tell whether he was crying or not." I was wondering when you were gonna turn up here." Rons voice had startled Harry. "Ron whats going on why did you come here." Harry began to move closer to his friend but Ron held up his hand to stop him." Look Harry please just go and leave me alone. Ill be fine I just need to be alone." As he said this Ron looked up and Harry could see the tears streaming down his cheeks. Harry was hurt by Rons words. They were best friends and the always talked to each other about their problems. "Come on Ron. The twins apologised for what they said they are really sorry. Please come on." Ron shook his head slightly. "Its not them, its not about what they said."Ron was crying heavier now and Harry nearly was as well. Harry moved a inch closer but Ron stopped him. "Ron please im begging you talk to me. What is this all about if it isnt about the twins." Harry lost the fight against himself and started to cry. He couldnt help it. " Harry please just leave i cant tell you what this is all about. It hurts too much." Ron saw Harrys tears and it only made him cry harder."Ron why cant you tell me, Im youre best friend we tell each other everything. Tell me what tis is all about and then i can help you. You know i can just tell me what its about." Ron looked as though he preteen bra x getting pissed off. He was shaking as he glared at Harry. Then he sighed and said in a peeved tone." God damn it Harry Potter why cant you just let up. You want to know why i cant tell you. You really want to know." It was rhetorical question Harry knew but he nodded all the same. "Fine then i cant tell you because its about us. Okay happy i said it." Harry was silent, what did Ron mean by that. Was Ron pissed at him. What had he done. Harry couldnt stop his tears he was too upset." What do you mean. Ron what did i do wrong. Whatever it is im really sorry."Ron wasnt angry anymore. He was confused as to why Harry was apoligising." Oh god Harry you havent done anything wrong. I have. its me thats the problem." Harry was preteens de 15 dumbfounded.Ron saw this and said."You saw me this morning right." It took Harry preteen models naturalist a moment to realise what he meant then he remembered the showers." You mean the showers." Ron looked guilty but nodded."Hey Ron forget about it everyone is curious. If thats what is bothering you than stop. I dont mind like i said everyone is curious. Im actually flattered that you look at me. Dont worry dude it happens." Ron cried more heavier and Harry placed a hand on his shoulder."But Harry thats just it. Im not curious i cant stop thinking about you. I think i may be in love with you." Harry nearly fainted. He couldnt believe what he had just been told."Ron..........I dont bbs preteen forums know what to say.........um..." Ron stood up suddenly and was about to leave. "Dont worry Harry you dont have to dark collection preteen say anything. Im gay and i know you hate me now so ill seeya around." Harry jumped up quickly before Ron could get away. He grabbed Rons arm and held him while Ron struggled."Ron I dont hate you....But..." Harry tried to find the right mya model preteen thing to say but couldnt find the words. So instead he pulled Ron to him gently and tilted his head slightly. Ron was surprised as he felt Harrys warm lips meet his in a deeply passionate tight preteens kiss. Harry licked Rons lips and the red head opened his mouth to let in the slithery intruder. As the boys kissed Harry ran his hands up inside of Rons shirt, rubbing his smooth chest and then capturing his nipples. As Harry played with them. Ron ran his down the back of Harrys pants. Caressing him bum cheeks. Harry finally broke the kiss and looked into Rons eyes. Ron had stopped crying but his eyes were still watery as they looked at each other and continued to feel each others body. "Harry um, that..." Harry placed a finger over Rons lips then replaced it once again with his lips. As the pair kissed harry moved his hands to the yop of Rons shorts and felt the sizeable bulge his cock made.Harry unzipped the zipper and slowly slid down Rons shorts as well as his Gryffindor house boxers. As soon as they were released Rons preteen models naturalist rock hard six inches sprang up and hit Harry in the stomach. The hairless balls preteen asian toplist were small and delicate and Harry liked the look of them. Harry broke away from the kiss and began to slowly lick his way down his pals movie sex preteen body. He sucked each nipple into his mouth until they were as hard as Rons cock then he moved further down. Ron was in heaven he had dreamed about the pair doing this for a year now. Ron felt Harrys hands on his balls as his friend knelt on the hard floor of the tunnel.Harry looked at Rons hard tool and licked his lips. As Harrys lips slowly enveloped Rons hardness Ron let out a loud moan. Harry felt the cock slide to the back of his throat and then pulled back until just the head huge cock preteen was in. He started a rythm and was enjoying the taste of it when he heard Ron groan.Ron was so hot and was about to burst, this had to be heaven preteen sex 15 he thought. Harry could feel Ron shaking with pleasure and knew he was close. Suddenly Ron shouted" Oh god Harry im gonna blow. Oh god yes Harry youre a god." Harry decided to leave the cock in his mouth and tastethe cum. Ron let out a scream as he shot load after load of his sweet boycream down his mates throat. Harry nearly drowned on the cream but still managed to swallow most of it. He dark collection preteen thought it tasted a illegal teen preteen bit salty but still really nice. As Harry let Rons cock slip from his lips he began to felel bad. Harry stood up and straightened himself out. After Ron had recovered he looked up at Harry with the biggest grin Harry had ever seen." Harry what can i say. That was beyond words..........Thankyou." Ron started to move towards Harrys groin but Harry stepped away."Wed better get back its almost supper time we cant be late." Ron looked hurt.Harry sighed he just felt so bad about this he had to think. "But Harry............."Ron reached again for Harry but again he stepped away."Dont you want a go." Ron said. Harry shook his head.."Put youre shorts on Ron and lets go." Ron was nearly crying as he pulled on his shorts. He felt regected. As the pair began to walk nack towards the entrance both were silent. Both were thinking hard. Ron was upset and Harry was scared. Just before opening the wall Harry stopped Ron."Look Ron......." Harry stopped he didnt know what to say."Its okay Harry i understand i know youre straight and you dont have feelings for me. If you could keep my secret id appreciate it deeply." Harry wiped a tear away from his eye. "Ron im confused okay. I need to think. I think i might love you too but im just really really confused. Can we keep this a secret between us." Ron nodded."If you just give me sometime to think ill know for sure. But what happend brazilian preteen cp back there wasnt a fluke i wanted it to happen." Ron nodded again and Harry kissed him again. Then the pair headed out of the tunnel.End Of Chapter OneThanks for reading guys please send all comments to Half_Desent_guyyahoo.com, I'll try to reply to everyone and if everyone likes my story the next chapter will be in soon. Thanks alot everyone.
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